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Thank you for enquiring about Piedmont Chamber Players providing music for your special day. We can offer you the following options:

String Quartet: Two violins + viola + cello. This grouping has the fullest sound and offers the widest choice of musical selections, because hundreds of works have been written or arranged for string quartet.

Flute Quartet: Flute + violin + viola + cello. The music for flute quartet is almost as wide as for string quartet, with the flute providing a somewhat different texture.

String Trio: Two violins + cello. Somewhat less full a sound and less broad a selection of music than the quartets, but a very popular choice.

Flute Trio: Flute + violin + cello. Similar to the string trio, but with the texture of a flute.

Whichever ensemble you choose, we offer a wide variety of music. Just click on the Quartet link or Trio link on our website and listen to some samples (introduction ). We can play Baroque and Classical selections, lighter music of the 19th and 20th centuries, hymns, waltzes, show tunes, Jewish wedding selections and Ragtime.

For a demo disk and booking arrangements, please contact:

Bob Gross             Lynanne Wilson             Hank Schutz
434.977.9828   434.973.2194   434.979.5413

OR contact us by e-mail at jozsef1041@gmail.com